Wednesday, November 08, 2006

tastes like...

he took a deep breath
as he stood there taking it all in
the sight of her fully dressed in naked sin
had awakened him
and was making him
tremble and shake
there was no mistaking the next move he’d make
for heaven’s sake
it had been awhile and…
mmm…tastes like heaven
her sweet lips and tongue teased his palette
tasty tidbits made his mouth water
and as he went down farther
he found it harder
not sink his teeth
into the sweat meat
quivering beneath him
suddenly as he reached them
and as morsels became mouthfuls
his restraint became doubtful
how could he contain
this ravenous hunger much longer?
he took another deeper breath
and decided to taste test deeper depths…
yep…sure tastes like heaven
and tonite his appetite felt insatiable
it’d been so long
all the while his will had been so strong
but now,
as he ate his first plateful
he thought
mmmm…this tastes just right…
this tastes just like…
tonite i’m eating, feasting on heaven

© 2006 DLM

Friday, October 27, 2006


wondering, wandering,
thru rhymes and verses
pondering questions of worth and purpose
between these lines
and beneath the surface,
this mystery man searches...


on an open ocean
calm and serene,
hopelessly floating
clinging to a dream,
of closeness once shared
an obscene notion
in this ocean’s open air,
wishing, watching the world waft by
drift away in the tide


on an island
unfamiliar and unknown,
far from my land
away from my home
isolated and alone,
puzzled for the moment

i stand
this traveling man
troubled and homesick

in a barren desert
feeling tattered and weathered
the sun shone lively and vibrant,
my eyes squint
looking out over unidentified horizons
wanting to cry and vent,
but instead
i remain silent

traveling and unraveling
the unknown and unlearned,
whether waterlogged or sunburned
leaving no stone unturned,
across uncharted waters
discarded lands,
desolate islands
and blistering sands,
this mystery man
still searches…

© 2006 DLM

Thursday, October 12, 2006

last call

like dominican rum
your cinnamon tongue
has me addicted, conflicted
and sprung
your lips got me twisted too
just one kiss…one sip of you
and i’m tipsy
you know, kinda how that liquor do
i’m ‘bout sick of you
hmmm..maybe just one last swigga
an amaretto sour with an hour glass figure
a shot or two of you will do me quite nicely
legs that remind me of a long island iced tea

a sex on the beach though, will bring out the freak show
have me kissin’ on feet down to sweet lil’ mojitos
damn, gotta get up off this wagon
one day later and i’m back brown baggin’
and i don’t even be sippin’ on brew like that
so tell why am i trippin’ on you like that?

© 2006 DLM

Friday, October 06, 2006

the thickness

defying conventional thoughts of feminine fitness
shapely thighs and curvaceous humps
making eyes bulge wide and throats grow lumps
white boys view too, though few will admit this
bear witness to the thickness
bountiful curves and ample hips
admirers aspire to sample this
a nubian queen
who can handle this?
bear witness to the thickness
walking with pride
in a stride so sensual
bosom, lips and backside so plentiful
you and a goddess in my eyes are identical
bear witness to the thickness
naturally gifted
endowed and proud lady
keep your chin uplifted
face to the clouds baby
other women seek cosmetics
for what you’ve been naturally blessed with…

bear witness to the thickness

© 2006 DLM

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

perfect part 1

she fell into his eyes
without even rippling the surface
to him her image was perfect
he didn’t want to blink
or even think
afraid to make waves
in his gaze and disturb it
to him, her image was perfect
open stingin’ eyes wide and teary
soon grew dry and weary
infact it blurred his vision
he couldn’ t see clearly…
but he let them burn away
chose not to close them
and refused to turn away
from her image
because to him she was so perfect
so incredible
that as a reminder to himself
he put her up on a pedestal
‘cuz to him
she was
a step above
everyone else
…including himself
her image was perfect
and in an effort to preserve it
he turned a deaf ear to those who didn’t share his vision
so he either couldn’t hear or dared not to listen
when his friends would contend that she wasn’t worth it
his fam had notions that all his devotions, she didn’t deserve it
but you think he heard it?
didn’t even scratch the surface
to him her image was perfect…

© 2006 DLM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

they'd fallen

they’d fallen
to insatiable, intangible animal attractions
lust, greed and the need for satisfaction
left them feeling backed in
could they handle a scandal from such scandalous actions?
they gambled on passion…
past experience shoulda taught ‘em…
from the trouble it’d brought ‘em…
stealin’ time like thieves
they’d fallen
like the leaves from the trees in the breezes of autumn
they’d fallen
like the rain
so gentle and wet
never mind ‘bout the pain
the resentment, regret
they’d soon find when shame
finally came home to nest…
deal with that after
more pressing things now
caught up in the rapture
wipin’ sweat from their brow
heavy breathin’, chests heavin’
like beasts in a fight
hearts beatin’, hips meetin’
in the heat of the night…
fleshly desires…
with dawn’s creeping light
receding from sight…
they’d fallen
like two angels fallen from grace
a head hung in shame
and a tear stained face
engulfed in the flame
of a passionate torch
now smoldering with blame
and consumed with remorse
they’d fallen

© 2006 DLM

Monday, September 18, 2006

i fell

i fell
headlong and blind
out of control
maybe out of my mind
but inside my soul…
i felt
so deeper i dove
reckless, vulnerable and exposed
nose open and eyes closed
i fell
under prepared and overwhelmed
i fell
not quite scared and under a spell
i fell
judgment impaired and reason impaled
i fell
into fate i stared and into chance i sailed
i fell
hard and fast
i was cast into a haze of lazy logic
i could not understand problem
or formulate a plan to solve it
i couldn’t run, walk or stand
i was even crawling
i was simply…falling
hopin' it was soft where i land
hopin' i could keep floatin’
for second
i coulda sworn i was almost flying
feelin' free, unmasked and open
suddenly without warning
i crashed
and awoke broken

© 2006 DLM

Friday, September 15, 2006

tears of blue

she cried tears of blue
in its darkest hue
her radiant beauty
still sparkling through
the love she once knew
now faded from view
memories of a past
contrasted in blue

through watery pupils
she looked out anew
her rose colored world
now jaded, askew
this once happy girl
so open and true
found her broken heart
now colored in blue

“never again!”
she proclaimed
as her agony grew
and the years soon revealed
this was tragically true
her heart never healed
now she factually knew
the true color of love

was actually blue

© 2006 DLM